extract_model module

class extract_model.Optimized_mask(pth_dir, cnfg_name='config.yml', focal_dis=False)

Bases: extract_model.Phase_mask

This phase mask is designed for generating phase mask from optimizied lens


makes a list of design files output = list of xx yy wx wy


interpolate base on the values

class extract_model.Phase_mask(pth_file)

Bases: object

dsgn_file_opt = 'directory'
map_value(phase, drv_phase=None)

this is the function that will be used to design a lens phase: is the desired lens d_phase: is the derivative of the lens out: is the estimated width

remove_outliers(xx, yy, zz)

remove the outlier point in lower triangle and top triangle xx [list] yy [list]


Plots the values for all the poinst on the plane


plots points and their respective phase


plots points and their respective phase

class extract_model.S4_mask(pth_dir, cnfg_name='config.yml', focal_dis=False)

Bases: extract_model.Phase_mask

this is designed to make the lens


This method runs the S4 and stores the data

extract_model.desired_mask(wavelength, post_Point, focal_Point, min_ind, wrap_phase=6.283185307179586)

post_Point [list(Point)] post_Point [Point]

extract_model.single_point_phase(kk, Focal, Point)

returns phase characteristics kk [float] porpagation constant Focal [Point] focal distance Point [Point] from containers the position